Undergraduate BE Board:Minutes - 02/02/10 Minutes

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BE UG Board Meeting Minutes
Date/Time: 2/2/10 10pm
Place: Coffeehouse

  1. Welcome and Attendance
  2. Scheduling
    • Best to schedule during the week, but not sure about class schedules yet
    • Doodle poll later in the week
  3. Social Events
    • Sophomores (maybe something after the first 20.111 test or 20.109 project). What else do sophomores typically take?
    • Juniors (something after our first 20.330 exam)
    • Seniors?
    1. Wait until major class schedules are set
    2. Best to have it immediately after at least one class
  4. Bigger study break for all the classes?
    1. Thursday the 18th at 12:00-1:00, lunch for everyone
  5. Academic Events
    • MD thing with Professor Griffith
    1. Dr. Isaacson
    2. Email Prof. Griffith
    3. See if can do joint event with BE/BMES – Hattie and Jessica
    • Joint event with BE-BMES about deciding between course 7, 10, 20, etc
    1. March 9 evening (7 pm?)
    2. Will help BE/BMES execs, maybe sending student representatives
    • Grad school panel with undergraduates and grad students
    1. Ask Bryan Owens, graduate student
    2. Talk more at later time
    • Senior Dinner?
    1. Wait for Dan Darling to email
  6. Associate Advising
    • Advisers/Associate Advisers communication
    1. Cathy: juniors should not email advisors
    2. Email Cathy, ask what to do
    3. Maybe ask Cathy to ask advisors to email list of students to associate advisors?
    • AA events with their advisees
    1. Ragheb will ask Cathy about budget
    • New email list
    1. BE_aa_2011 - contains email addresses of AA's this year
    2. Email out list of AA’s and advisors to students, so they know who to contact – bypass faculty
  7. First Curriculum Meeting
    1. Either Tuesday morning or Friday noon, Prof. Manalis will email
    2. Kevin and/or Ragheb can go
    • Professional Development and BE electives
    1. email survey to all classes for opinions
    2. Elizabeth ’10 suggested setting up alumni network, interested in consulting
    3. Dan has database of contact info, publicize
  8. Leftover from last semester
    • IBE conference this Saturday!!!
    1. Everyone is welcome to poster session and keynote in afternoon, Maryelise will email
    • Underground Guide
    1. Make pdf more accessible online and easier to compile
    2. Survey/questionnaire for topics
    3. Email classes at end of semester to ask about their experiences with electives
  9. BE Stuff
    • Email to ask people if they want new t-shirts
    • Lounge additions
    1. Stapler
    2. Printer hard to get
    3. Extra board here, need to install
  10. Did we miss anything?
    • Note: will have $500 in budget for IBE conference