Undergraduate BE Board:Minutes - 01/27/09 Minutes

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BE UG Board Meeting Minutes
6:00 pm

Attendance: Maryelise, Marta, Dawn

  1. Welcome and Attendance
  2. ASA recognition - Maryelise
    • did Matt Lang give us his letter of BEUB approval
      • emailed asking him to give Maryelise a hard copy on RegDay
    • did we write up the differences between BEUB and BE-BMES
      • sent to mailing list (board add to it this week)
    • deadline is Feb 13th
    • drop down to "sponsored"
  3. Course 20 Underground Guide - how make this happen?
    • get a committee together
    • ask Prof. Griffith about funding to pay for someone to code it up
  4. Associate Advising - Maryelise
    • set up matches for 10s to be with each advisor
    • AA's names were included in the 2011 advisor packets
    • Maryelise to email out to AA's their advisor match this week
    • What to do with your advisees:
      • ice cream
      • coffee
      • MIT sporting event
      • order food
      • go out for breakfast
      • hang out in BE lounge
      • go to a science seminar
      • check out the MIT museum
      • take an elective together
      • design the next BE t-shirt
    • make sure all associate advisors are utilized (10s and 09s) - how?
  5. Study Breaks - Marta
    • announce dates on reg day
    • flyer to hand out at these events- at student meetings and Prof. Griffith's talk
      • included in '09, '10, '11 advisors folders to hand out on reg day
    • responses as to what BE undergrads want:
      • Maryelise printed out compiled wishes
    • To Add
      • internship digest
      • post internship opps. to our wiki
  6. Elections - Dawn
    • email again to remind people to update the wiki, etc.
    • Tuesday, second week of classes
      • 6:30pm
      • Lounge
    • sell remaining shirts at elections
    • Food - Subway + cookies
  7. UG Lounge
    • posters - did Cathy purchase them?
      • still waiting to hear back from her
    • keep checking on other parts of lounge - i.e. coffee pot, big wall-size whiteboard for tutor room, comfy seats to nap, etc.
    • suggestions box, how set this up?
      • shoe box, cover in paper (email out to busybeboard for a shoe box)
  8. Senior Dinner - Dawn
    • response from Dan?
  9. BE Shirts - Bernice
    • Cathy is emailing out about picking up t-shirts - when?
  10. Other?
    • find out about seminar emails (Dawn)
    • other BE gear -- sweatshirts, cold-weather hat, pencils
  11. Next Meeting = with Prof. Griffith next week.

For Cathy:

  1. meeting with linda
  2. lounge items
  3. t-shirts
  4. ask if dan would talk at an internship seminar
  5. payments for the course 20 underground guide
  6. BE seminar list
  7. Does Dan want us to do anything for the senior dinner