Undergraduate BE Board:Minutes - 01/21/09 Minutes

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BE UG Board Meeting Minutes
8:30 pm

Attendance: Marta, Maryelise, Dawn, Bernice, Ying

  1. Welcome and Attendance
  2. ASA recognition
    • write up the differences between our organizations
    • get Matt Lang to send us his email
    • deadline is Feb 13th
    • drop down to "sponsored"
  3. Course 20 Underground Guide - how make this happen?
    • get a committee together
  4. Associate Advising - Maryelise
    • Cathy will email me later with the student:professor ratio
    • email out to get preferences from AA's
  5. Study Breaks
      • announce dates at the reg day
      • make a flyer to hand out at these events--at student meetings and Prof. Griffith's talk
      • email out to see what people want for their study breaks--Marta
  6. Elections - DAWN in charge
    • email again?
    • Tuesday, second week of classes?
    • sell remaining shirts at elections
    • Food - Subway + cookies!
  7. UG Lounge
    • decide on posters - TODAY
      • Imagination
      • Elephants Butt
      • Beach
      • DNA
      • Cell receptors
      • Periodic Table of Elements
    • get them laminated
    • keep checking on other parts of lounge
  8. Senior Dinner - updates, not yet
    • Dawn email Dan
  9. BE Shirts - Bernice
    • Cathy is emailing out about picking up t-shirts - when??
  10. Setup Meeting time with Prof. Griffith
    • Potentially Tuesday, Feb 3rd - time?
  11. UG feedback from "what do you want from course 20 email":
    • more emails about internship opportunities maybe
    • ping pong in the student lounge!!!
    • does it have a coffee maker? that would be really nice
    • its kinda unfortunate that we can't sleep in it because the couches are kinda short
      • get comfortable furniture, a poof?
    • cosi sandwiches are good food for most events
    • we could branch out from royal east for dinners
    • free coffee/tea in ugrad lounge??????
    • a big white board in the TA/Study room
    • put a suggestions box in the lounge, chalk board at our events for comments
  12. Decide events and tenative dates for the semester
    • academic events
      • Internship (last week of Feb)
      • Grad School Admissions Officers give a talk
      • Grad School Panel (with grad students, combine with admissions officers?)
      • how you choose between grad schools
    • social events
      • Elections (first week Feb)
      • Welcome Back (elections!)
      • Movie Night
      • After-test study breaks (look at the syllabus)
    • End of the year senior goodbye lunch?
    • pick dates for flyer for Reg Day meetings with advisors
  13. Next meeting = Tues. Jan 27th, 6pm
  14. Other?
    • Meeting with Professor Griffith-email out to students, what do you want us to relay to her?
      • Feb. 3, 5pm (tentative)
    • Internship info session
      • ask Dan Darling to speak
      • Last week of Feb. (tentative)


  1. Maryelise:
    • write up ASA differences
    • ask matt lang to send me his email
    • email cathy about meeting with linda
    • send Cathy the poster links, ask to get them laminated
  2. Dawn:
    • email about senior dinner
  3. Marta:
    • make up study break flyer