Undergraduate BE Board:Fall 2008 T-shirts

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The Design

Back by popular demand: Zach Bjornson's '07-'08 design featuring the mooing turtle and two variations on the theme, an oinking whale and a clucking dog. Each design is available in both fitted (American Apparel) and regular shirts in different colors.

BE 2008 T-shirt Colors.jpg

Pre-Order Your Shirt

  • You will need to choose...
    • 1. Your Style (fitted / regular tee)
    • 2. Your Design (mooing turtle / oinking whale / clucking dog)
    • 3. Your Color
    • 4. Your Size (fitted: S-XL / regular: S-XXL)

  • If you want to order more than one shirt, just fill out the online order form as many times as you need

  • Pre-order at link below:


  • Pre-orders will be accepted through Friday, April 9th


  • You must pre-order your shirt by April 9th
  • Price estimate of $7 per shirt $9 if you don't pre-order (regular) and $13 per shirt $15 if you don't pre-order (fitted)
  • Distribution - Study Break will be hosted to deliver shirts in a couple weeks after the order has been placed

Other Possible Future Designs

  • Here are some designs by current BE Students in case we want to start a new design

  • Any other questions? Email khu AT mit.edu or ragheb AT mit.edu