Undergraduate BE Board:Agendas - 9/16/10 Agenda

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BE UG Board Meeting
BE UG Lounge (56-046)

  1. Welcome and Attendance
  2. Housekeeping: Scheduling meetings and our Budget
  3. Summer Updates?
    • BE FPOP... feedback?
  4. Grad School Info Session with Scott Manalis
    • Tuesday, Oct. 5th 7:00pm
    • 56-614
    • Food - there will be Pizza
    • is there any interest in contacting Course 20 graduates who are currently in graduate school and asking them to speak at a separate event?
  5. Noubar Afeyan event (joint with BE-BMES)
    • Lauffenburger is trying to get this venture capitalist to come speak to our students.
    • Date and time have been set: November 1st at 7pm
    • Food - we want to do pasta, Kevin will update with more info as this thing gets planned with BE-BMES
  6. Internship Event with Dan Darling
    • Date/Time?
  7. Underground Guide
    • Cathy compiled into PDF Form
    • Distribution?
      • Upload onto the website?
      • email?
  8. Social Events
    • set up tentative dates
    • Seniors: something after 20.309 first project?
    • Juniors: Something after 20.320 first exam?
    • Sophomores: something after 20.110 first exam?
  9. Associate Advising
    • AA pairings have already been sent out
    • remind AA's to do things for their advisees
  10. Random stuff
    • Find out when Curriculum meeting will be held this term
    • IBE conference?
  11. Lounge
    • additions?
  12. Other