Undergraduate BE Board:Agendas - 4/28/08 Agenda

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BE UG Board Meeting
April 23rd 2008
CoffeeHouse (3rd Floor Student Center)

  1. Curriculum Board Update
    • response from course 20 students about questions posed by Griffith?
  2. Associate Advising
    • Luncheon - May 4th, Royal East, 1pm
    • Email out again - many 10's totally forgot about even having associate advisors, so the email might have to cover more ground than just a "luncheon"
    • Registration
  3. Course 20 Underground Guide
    • update?
    • logistics
  4. ASA - Dawn
  5. Tshirts
    • Cafe Press logistics - Renuka
    • People buying leftovers? - Bernice
  6. Grad Student info for UG's Study Break - Dawn
    • May 13th (2nd to last day of class)
    • Email out ASAP and multiple times
    • Time, Place
    • speakers?
  7. TA Awards
    • Drew's secretary got back to Marta and is going to make a list of all the BE TA's
    • Marta will make a survey monkey and email it out to all BE students (besb-10, etc)
  8. BE BBQ not happening, but we are strongly advised to do our own "goodbye senior" event
    • Date - Friday May 16th
    • Clear start and end time - 12:30-1:30? - Encourage people to come on time, not miss this event...
    • Place - Student Center, Mezz Lounge? - Cathy can reserve it for us
    • Food - BBQ from Red Bones? (nice pulled pork, grilled veggies, etc)
    • We invite students, Cathy invites Core BE Faculty
    • Senior Recognition and Superlatives announced halfway through event
  9. BE Bulletin Board
  10. Senior Dinner
    • Dan Darling is on top of this. Invitations have gone out, etc. We are in the clear.
  11. Next Meeting = When?