Undergraduate BE Board:Agendas - 3/30/10 Agenda

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BE UG Board Meeting
Date/Time: 3/16/10
Place: Coffeehouse at *7:30*

  1. Welcome and Attendance
  2. Scheduling...
  3. Social Events
    • Reminder: Study Break this Thursday for the Juniors after the 20.330 exam. Food = ice cream, BE tradition is the Vermonster. Full speed ahead! Ice cream will be delivered Thursday around noon and stored in the BE UG Lounge freezer until that evening. S'mores - Sivakami. We should probably buy an ice cream scoop (2?) and forks, bowls, spoons at Shaw's this week.
    • Study break for the sophomores - Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake. Logistics? Amount of food? etc.
    • Finals study break/for t-shirts when they arrive... thoughts?
    • Senior Dinner - Kevin
  4. BE FPOP - Sivakami
  5. Academic Events
    • MD panel with Griffith/Isaacson - No updates, sorry. Nobody has been responding.
    • Grad advising event - Maryelise says there should be around 4 grad students, not 7... There are also PLENTY of seniors willing to come (again, at least 7, but we should cut down some so that sophomores aren't intimidated)
    • Noubar Afeyan - any news?
    • Industrial Seminar Series final update: The graduate board has decided on an RSVP system and a per person cost. Before the events, they will email out all the undergraduates for an RSVP number so that they know how much food to order, and we will pay according to the number of undergraduates that RSVP.
  6. Associate Advising - last statement
    • Cathy has emailed out all the sophomores, telling them to get in contact with their upperclassmen advisers if they want to dinner, ice cream, etc. This is the only thing that can be done because advisee information cannot be released to undergraduates by the department. If nobody responds, the AA can't do anything about it, but I will occasionally send out emails reminding the AA's to do stuff with their advisees.
  7. Curriculum Meeting - the approx date has been set: last week in April.
    • Let's talk about what we as a board should do to help out this meeting (Survey, class polls, etc)
  8. BE "Stuff"
    • T-shirt orders - Kevin
  9. Lounge
    • This bullet is and always will be on the agenda.
  10. other...