Undergraduate BE Board:Agendas - 3/2/10 Agenda

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So sorry for the lateness!
BE UG Board Meeting
Date/Time: 3/2/10
Place: Coffeehouse

  1. Welcome and Attendance
  2. Social Events
    • Study break on the 18th - thoughts?
    • Reminder: Tentative Study breaks on 4/1 (9pm) for the Juniors and April 14th for the sophomores.
    • Seniors? When is the first major assignment for 20.380 due? (Prefer to do something in March)
  3. Academic Events
    • MD panel with Griffith/Isaacson - I have been playing email tag with Dr. Griffith and Isaacson. Thus far, they can't come up with a date in March, so it will probably be in April. I will update you guys as I get more information.
    • Joint event with BE-BMES - it is March 9th starting at 7:15. Who can go?
    • Grad advising event - I talked with Bryan Owens today at the Graduate Board Meeting. He will get back to me with times/dates, and we will coordinate with seniors. It will probably be in late April.
    • Something to do with Industry - Lauffenburger has invited someone called Dr. Noubar Afeyan to speak with people. We need to coordinate with the Graduate Board and with BE-BMES to make an event possible. Ideas on what he should talk about...
  4. Associate Advising
    • I have already emailed people to go out with their freshmen. Some of them are responsive, but others are not. I think this is a function of the Adviser and NOT of the AA's. Some of the faculty (Thilly) refuse to contact the AA's.
  5. Curriculum Meeting!
    • Main topics of discussion: How to get companies that are not limited to Merck/Novartis/Amgen to hire BE students? I think the consensus was that there wasn't enough of this in BE.
    • I have asked the graduate board to include undergraduates in their Industry Seminar Session.
    • Do we need to have an "How to get a job in Industry?" session?
    • Thinking Ahead: Next curriculum meeting is about BE electives. We will NOT talk about whether we like BE electives, rather Scott wants to step back and analyze what students should be getting out of BE electives. It will be early May.
  6. BE "Stuff"
    • T-shirt orders. Let the chaos begin!
  7. Lounge
    • This bullet is and always will be on the agenda.
  8. Looking ahead - what other things should we be looking at doing?
    • BE FPOP - Sivakami
    • BE Career Fair??
    • BE SB accreditation??
  9. other...