Undergraduate BE Board:Agendas - 2/19/08 Agenda

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BE UG Board [Transition] Meeting February 19th 2008 Student Center 10:00pm

  1. Attendance and WELCOME to BE Exec!
  2. BE Prospective Faculty Lunch/Brunch
    • How to invite select people? (Doug wants 7/8 UGs there)
    • Soonest is Friday Feb 22nd
    • 1:15-2:15 56-202
  3. Tshirt Update
    • Emails to inform Course 20 of deadlines (Emilienne is)
    • Ask Faculty if they want shirts (Emilienne did)
    • Grad Students invited to order
    • STUDY BREAK: grad/undergrad 3 weeks after order due-date - contact be-social@mit.edu
  4. Associate Advising Update
    • Dawn's email to 2009's
    • What to do once get response
  5. BE UGs on BE UG Curriculum Board
    • Email out for interest - who?
    • Ask Linda when meetings are - who?
    • Get a 2010, 2009, 2008 for board (one-semester committment)
    • Make sure they can attend BE UG Board meetings as well
  6. Senior Dinner
    • Date - May 14th or Weds of Senior Week?
    • Location Details - Museum of Science, one or two rooms, etc.
  7. Class email lists
    • divvy up names
    • assign exec to find email addresses
    • assign someone to make email lists
  8. Another Study Break: Movie Night?
    • suggested by non-exec BE student
    • perhaps Gattica or other science-y movie
  9. Bulletin Board 16-4th floor
    • who's going to make it pretty?
    • what exactly to put on it?
  10. BE UG Newsletter
    • student spotlights
    • upcoming events
    • faculty spotlight
    • get to know BE Exec
    • new classes offered, etc...
  11. Meeting Schedule
    • need to define bi-weekly meeting schedule
    • make it work