Undergraduate BE Board:Agendas - 1/29/08 Agenda

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BE UG Board Meeting January 29th 2008 COSI 7:30pm

  1. Plan Mission Statement
  2. Election Info
  3. Elections – Plan Kickoff event
    • Who will make ballots
  4. Plan Associate Advising dinner event
  5. ASA application
  6. Figure out BE UG Curriculum Board Member Stuff
  7. Tshirts + Something for Amy
  8. Make pages on UG Board Site
    • Can't have secure pages -- what to do
    • Senior Dinner with Awards?
    • Resources to go to if need help with classes (refer to minutes 1/22/08)
    • Platforms (where should page be?)
  9. Dorm Course Reps
    • (Neha:) I got an e-mail from our "Next House Course 6 Rep" saying if anyone had any questions about classes that they can contact her. Should we consider this?
  10. BE UG Bulletin Board?