Undergraduate BE Board:Agendas - 04/27/09 Agenda

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BE UG Board Meeting
Coffee House, 3rd Floor Student Center

  1. Welcome and Attendance
  2. Associate Advising
  3. Study Breaks
    • Drop Date Study Break: 9:30 PM, Be Undergrad Lounge, CHEESECAKE FROM THE CHEESECAKE FACTORY, April 23rd
    • Thoughts?
  4. Grad School event with Grad Students and Seniors
    • April 28th, 7:30pm (56-614 reserved by Cathy)- confirmed by Bryan Owens
    • Ordering food
  5. ROUND TABLE BE ELECTIVES discussion lunch with seniors
    • thoughts on how they went?
    • compiling the data, talk to Cathy?
  6. Budget Meeting
    • our budget is in good shape
    • Alex--write up proposal?
  7. UG Lounge
    • posters - cathy gave us new tape, only enough for one poster
    • Emzo emailing Doug about the GCSF poster
    • Cathy is ordering new whiteboards (15x5)
    • We have the money to buy a more comfortable chair, etc
    • BE Gear Ideas
      • sweatshirts, winter hat, pencils
    • Mugs - Alex - updates?
        • Alex will run by next week
      • They are really cheap if you get nice "beer" mugs
      • coffee mugs are around 10 dollars each
      • will they front mugs?
      • Cathy has vendor catalogue
      • Message on lounge board "BE Tumbler or Mug? Tally"
    • Suggestions?
  8. Course 20 Rep for SWE event
    • Monday, May 4th, 6-8pm
    • volunteers?
  9. Start a pre-orientation program (Emjay)
    • Maybe do it with course 10 (Emjay will get more information from the course 9 coordinator)
      • Emjay will email Prof. Lauffen. about doing the program
      • Emjay will also talk to Orientation people
    • The BioTECH
      • Mike Yee/Maryelise wrote about BEUB
    • Lunches with BE Faculty
    • Lecture Series
    • Do we still want to me to go over our respective events?
  10. Senior going away lunch? (Cathy mentioned this at our meeting)
  11. Next BEUB meeting =