Undergraduate BE Board:Agendas - 03/02/09 Agenda

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BE UG Board Meeting
Coffee House, 3rd Floor Student Center

  1. Welcome and Attendance
  2. ASA recognition - Maryelise
    • Still waiting to hear back on their decision
    • Meeting with BE-BMES to discuss our groups' roles on Wednesday
  3. Course 20 Underground Guide
    • set of questions for survey
      • how hard is this class compared to 20.110 or 20.320?
      • are the pre-req's appropriate?
      • was this class useful?
    • Our ideas for implementation:
      • use survey monkey for each class
      • pay someone to collect and organize data (not likely due to budget)
      • put results on BEUG wiki for all to see and use
      • get people's info by using websis degree audit to see which classes students take
  4. Associate Advising
    • Email to AAs to see if they have planned anything yet (keep reminding them to do so)
    • make sure all associate advisors are utilized (10s and 09s)
  5. Study Breaks -
    • add study breaks for 20.330 and 20.310 test nights to flyer
    • flyer to hand out at these events- update them with more information (names, captions, etc), then email out to BE lists
    • send follow up emails to get details on what BE students want from Course 20 (what about med school, grad school, internships, etc)
    • email Fraenkel, Manalis, Grodzinsky, Wittrup to talk at Grad School info session (with date and time)
      • Tentatively April 23rd
  6. Isaacson Pre-med Event
    • Monday, March 9 7:30pm
    • coordinate food w/ Cathy? Who is in charge of what? BEUB vs. BE-BMES
  7. Dan Darling Internship Session
    • His availability
      • Tuesday, March 3 (must be done by 7 p.m. on Tuesday) - Thurdsay, March 5, 2009
      • Tuesday, March 10 (must be done be 7 p.m. on Tuesday) - Thursday, March 12, 2009
    • Maryelise/Marta have the excel file of internship info for the wiki--who will post?
    • let BE students know that internships are posted in BE Lounge
  8. Scholarship Info Session
    • Ms Kimerbly Benard from Global Education and Career Development Center
    • Talk about Truman Scholarship, Fulbright, Ph Beta Kappa, Gates, and Rhodes, and Marshall scholarships
    • Course 20 senior, Matt Gethers, won a Rhodes scholar this year -- invite?
  9. ROUND TABLE BE ELECTIVES discussion lunch with seniors
    • Fill out questionnaire on (1) electives (2) post-MIT plans
    • Disucss whatever you want to - curriculum, life after MIT, professional development...anything, complaints, praise, wild rambling ideas.
    • Linda suggested inviting Juniors to one of them to pass on restricted electives info on the spot
    • Seniors coordinate dates yet?
      • March and again in mid-April?
      • Prof. Han recommended week before spring break
  10. Lunches with BE professors
    • Discuss with BE-BMES?
    • begin with BEUB advisors? (easy access)
    • vary days of week, times, etc - make schedule today
  11. UG Lounge
    • posters - Cathy is laminating
    • keep checking on other parts of lounge - i.e. big wall-size whiteboard for tutor room (go through catalog and pick one out, comfy seats to nap, etc.
      • need to make specific list (for Fraenkel and Cathy) with whiteboard dimensions, specific couch size, etc to order
    • suggestions box - who to donate box?
  12. Senior Dinner - updates?
  13. BE T-Shirts - Bernice
    • Cathy is emailing out about picking up t-shirts
    • BE Gear Ideas
      • sweatshirts, winter hat, pencils
      • new design for next year
      • send out email for a design? for interest? -- next year
  14. BE Seminars - how get BE students on that email list
    • are we getting emails?
  15. Curriculum Committee
    • Updates from those who attended, thoughts?
    • Suggestions
      • add a class like course 6 has on communications and interpersonal connections (6.uat) which is a 6 unit class that does a better job teaching you things than 20.109 presentation/persuasion skills
  16. Tutoring
    • updates on which classes are covered
    • publicize tutoring for all core BE classes!
    • 20.111 tutor or not?
  17. Start a pre-orientation program (Emjay)
    • Maybe do it with course 10 (Emjay will get more information from the course 9 coordinator)
  18. Eli's Petition to Course 20
  19. Other?
  20. Next meeting with Linda Griffith/BE-BMES - Wed March 4 9AM in 56-402
    • Who's coming?
    • Things to bring up at the meeting
  21. Next BEUB meeting = ?