Undergraduate BE Board:Agendas - 02/5/10 Agenda

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BE UG Board Meeting
Date/Time: 2/2/10 10pm
Place: Coffeehouse

  1. Welcome and Attendance
  2. Scheduling (I hate scheduling, so we'll deal with it first).
    • Need to set up a time for regular meetings
    • Accessibility for people so that as many people as possible can attend meeting
  3. Social Events
    • Sophomores (maybe something after the first 20.111 test or 20.109 project). What else do sophomores typically take?
    • Juniors (something after our first 20.330 exam)
    • Seniors ???
    • Anything else we should be concerned about (maybe a bigger study break for all the classes?)
  4. Academic Events
    • MD thing with Professor Griffith
    • Joint event with BE-BMES about deciding between course 7, 10, 20, etc
    • Grad school panel with undergraduates and grad students
    • Senior Dinner? (I have no idea what this is, but all the other agendas around this time mentioned one so....)
  5. Associate Advising
    • Advisers/Associate Advisers have been assigned, we need to see how well they have been communicating with each other
    • Continually email the juniors to do things with their advisees. Should we set a limit on the amount of money that juniors can spend with their advisees?
    • New email list was created called BE_aa_2011 that contains all the email addresses of the AA's this year. This list will be sent out to the sophomores when they decide to pick their faculty advisers in case they need assistance.
  6. First Curriculum Meeting!
    • It's going to be the end of this month sometime TBD. Prof. Manalis will email everyone when that time comes.
    • Topics of discussion are *professional development* and *BE electives*.
    • If anyone wants to attend...
    • Need to email out all the classes asking what they opinions are on these two topics so we can tell the faculty what the students want (that was long winded, I know).
    • If this becomes a regular thing... do we need curriculum representatives?
  7. Leftover stuff from last semester that may need wrapping up.
    • IBE conference is this Saturday!!! (How can we help?)
    • Underground Guide. There is a pdf form of it. How do we make it more accessible online and easier to compile?
  8. BE Stuff
    • There are leftover Tshirts and mugs from last year.
    • Last semester, people seemed to be opposed to a new design, but that may have changed
    • When should be begin asking for new orders this semester, and how much are they anyway?
  9. Lounge
    • additions?
    • Kevin emailed Cathy over IAP to ask for a stapler for the lounge and a printer. She said that the stapler should be easy to get, but the printer will be hard. She also said that the extra board that was wanted was already there.
  10. Did we miss anything?