Undergraduate BE Board:Agendas - 02/19/10 Agenda

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BE UG Board Meeting
Date/Time: ...
Place: Coffeehouse

  1. Welcome and Attendance
  2. Scheduling
    • Cross your fingers!
  3. Social Events
    • Study break on the 18th - need to decide on food. Send out advertisement.
    • Let's pick a date for other study breaks that will be done this semester.
  4. Budgeting
    • how much money do we have?
    • how much have events cost in the past?
    • AA advising, how much money can we spend?
  5. Academic Events
    • MD thing panel with Griffith/Isaacson (I hate spelling) - Talked with Linda, she said that if there is enough interested Dr. Isaacson would definitely be up for doing it again
    • Joint event with BE-BMES - it is March 9th starting at 7:15. They will notify us if they need anything
    • Grad advising event - need to pick a date then get in contact with Bryan Owens
    • Other thoughts about academic events? Maybe an internship info session?
    • What is the round table BE electives thing from last year?
    • Lunches with BE professors?
    • something to do with scholarships?
  6. Associate Advising
    • Cathy should have sent out an email to all the sophomores telling them who their Junior AA is, but she insists that none of the Juniors should contact the faculty advisers directly.
  7. First Curriculum Meeting!
    • It is Next Friday noon 16-341
    • Manalis has asked if we want to meet beforehand to talk about anything.
    • Send out an email to all all the mailing lists asking if they need us to say anything to the professors.
  8. BE Stuff
    • There are leftover Tshirts and mugs from last year.
    • Last semester, people seemed to be opposed to a new design, but that may have changed
    • When should be begin asking for new orders this semester, and how much are they anyway?
  9. Lounge
    • White board has been installed. It looks fabulous.
    • additions?
  10. Looking ahead - what other things should we be looking at doing?
    • BE FPOP...maybe?
    • ...
  11. other...