Undergraduate BE Board:Agendas - 01/27/09 Agenda

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BE UG Board Meeting Agenda
6:00 pm

  1. Welcome and Attendance
  2. ASA recognition - Maryelise
    • did Matt Lang give us his letter of BEUB approval?
    • did we write up the differences between BEUB and BE-BMES?
    • deadline is Feb 13th
    • drop down to "sponsored"
  3. Course 20 Underground Guide - how make this happen?
    • get a committee together
  4. Associate Advising - Maryelise
    • set up matches for 10s to be with each advisor
    • make sure all associate advisors are utilized (10s and 09s) - how?
  5. Study Breaks - Marta
    • announce dates on reg day
    • flyer to hand out at these events- at student meetings and Prof. Griffith's talk
    • responses as to what BE undergrads want:
      • Maryelise printed out compiled wishes
  6. Elections - Dawn
    • email again to remind people to update the wiki, etc.
    • Tuesday, second week of classes - time?
    • sell remaining shirts at elections
    • Food - Subway + cookies
  7. UG Lounge
    • posters - did Cathy purchase them?
    • keep checking on other parts of lounge - ie coffee pot, big wall-size whiteboard for tutor room, comfy seats to nap, etc.
    • suggestions box, how set this up?
  8. Senior Dinner - Dawn
    • response from Dan?
  9. BE Shirts - Bernice
    • Cathy is emailing out about picking up t-shirts - when?
  10. Other?
  11. Next Meeting = when?