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Illumina MiSeq


The Miseq system operates with an easy-to-follow touch screen interface and offers the user sequencing data in a matter of hours with broad flexibility in the choice of applications. For more information:File:Miseqsystem userguide.pdf.
.Net 4.0
experiment manager
MiSeq online training

Agilent BioAnalyzer 2100

BioAnalyzer 2100

The Agilent Bioanalyzer measures DNA, RNA, proteins and cells in a single platform, two-assay system using electrophoresis and flow cytometry. The digital output is easy to interpret and gives sizing, quantitation and quality control results with as little as one microliter of sample. While user-friendly, the Bioanalyzer is an extremely sensitive instrument. New users are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the use and data interpretation methods. Please see the User's Manual for more information:File:Agilent Manual.pdf. To analyze data from a personal computer it may be necessary to download .Net 4.0 software. .Net 4.0
For troubleshooting and maintenance:File:Bioanalyzer MandTguide.pdf
Here is another resource for troubleshooting that might be helpful:File:Troubleshooting BioA.pdf.
Agilent Software Information

QSonica Q800R Sonicator


The Qsonica system allows the precise fragmentation of nucleotides for downstream library prep applications. For more information: QSonica Brochure

Qubit 2.0 Fluorometer

Qubit 2.0

The Qubit 2.0 is a benchtop fluorometer that measures DNA, RNA, and protein concentrations with exceptional accuracy and sensitivity. New users can familiarize themselves with the instrument and its applications on this page. We particularly recommend the two videos ('How It Works' and 'Researcher Story') that introduce the Qubit and its use. More detailed information can be found in the User's Manual:File:Qubit manual.pdf.

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