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Group Description

Davis Open Science

We're interested in sharing tools, building community, and promoting open science on campus.

  • Learn about useful tools and techniques to develop, organize and share your science more effectively.
  • Navigate the borderlands of science outreach, science blogs and journalism, and strengthen your own broader impacts
  • Help expand Open Access publications, Open Data and Open Source adoption here at UC Davis.

Anyone can join the mailing list! send an email to listproc@ucdavis.edu with sub openscience firstname lastname as the only line in the body.

Upcoming Events

1) Defrosting your digital library: A hands on introduction to Mendeley software for organizing and sharing articles:

(Carl and Luke, Davis Open Science): Monday November 15th, 4:00pm, 2334 Academic Surge Building.

If you want to follow along, create an account and install Mendeley on your laptop and bring it on in. Email: dlpeterson@ucdavis.edu if you are coming to this so I can make sure we have enough space.

2) A Startup's Vision for Connecting Researchers:

(Mendeley Research Networks co-founders Jan Reichelt and Victor Henning): Tuesday November 16th, 12:30pm, 1062 Bainer Hall.

"We want to provide the best productivity and collaboration platform to every researcher, student and knowledge worker in the world - on the desktop, web and mobile. Through the platform, we're crowdsourcing the world’s largest open research database, and we enable everyone to build applications on top of it. In doing so, we're helping to accelerate scientific progress, drive scientific discovery, and make research more open."


  • Regular meetings will continue on the First Wednesday of the month.
  • @ 5:30pm @ the Delta of Venus Cafe Come join us!
  • Minutes from past meetings

Current Group Projects

We are involved with several inititiaves on campus relating to Open Science and are always looking for more people to help

Seminars and Talks

We host regular talks and seminars on open science related topics. Let us know if you would like to speak or have someone that you'd like us to host.

Nature Publishing Fee Rise

Nature Publishing Group is raising the fees for their journals by 400%. Read the SF Chronicle article and the open letter from the librarians and faculty on the matter.

Open Access Week

We are working with the UC Davis library on the some of the events for Open Access Week.

Open Course Ware

There is an small initiative in collaboration with iTunesU to make courses available publicly via the internet. We are working to encourage more and more faculty to post their lectures online. [1]

Archive of Talks and Events

Davis Open Science Talk: Michael Eisen co-founder of PLoS on Open Access, May 3rd 11am

Davis Open Science is proud to host our first official talk featuring Michael Eisen the co-founder of the Public Library of Science (PLoS), one of the world's most prominent peer reviewed open access journals. Michael is also an adviser for Science Commons, a Creative Commons project aimed at faster, more open, web enabled research. He is a professor of Biology at UC Berkeley focusing on the evolution of gene regulation, and keeps a blog about his research, open science, and baseball. Michael will talk to us about his work in Open Access and we'll have plenty of time for questions and discussion.

Watch the video recording of the talk here.

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Opportunities to raise awareness / lobby

Open NSF

SPARC can help you set up a campus open access policy! anyone?

Thoughts or Feedback? (no login required)

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