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We are an interdepartmental graduate group at the University of California - Davis, offering Master's and Ph.D. degrees. The scope of research going on within the group is very broad, and students in the program are expected to develop a similarly broad base of knowledge within the field of genetics. For more information, see our official website.

GGG News

The next GGG social will be at 5:30 PM on Tuesday, November 18 in 1138 Meyer Hall. There will be dinner and games! The winner of the t-shirt design contest will also be announced.

Advice for students

Core Courses and Electives

There are four core courses, which are usually taken fall-winter-spring-fall, plus History of Genetics in the Fall.

Electives currently available to the GGG

Graduate elective courses can be somewhat transient, and often one needs to find out by word-of-mouth what is offered when by which professor. Please add courses that you've taken or heard about to the list below! (There's an "edit table" button that makes it easier than editing the raw text.)

Course Number Course Title Professor Last offered Next offering
ECL 290 Population Genetic Software Holly Ernest, Bernie May, John Eadie Spring 2008
ECL/PHR 242 Ecological Genetics Holly Ernest Winter 2008
PLS 205 Experimental Design and Analysis Winter 2008 Winter 2009
PLS 206 Multivariate Systems and Modeling Emilio Laca Spring 2008 Spring 2009
EVE 210 Molecular Phylogenetic Analysis Steve Nadler Fall 2007 Spring 2010
EVE 211 Applied Phylogenetics Spring 2008 Spring 2009
ECL 207 Plant Population Biology Kevin Rice Winter 2007 Winter 2009

Qualifying Exam

It's hard.

Administrative Stuff

Every spring, you will need to submit separate progress reports to the GGG and to Graduate Studies.

If you are entering the program from out of state, you should start acting like a California resident as soon as possible. This includes getting a CA driver's license and vehicle registration if applicable, registering to vote and voting, signing a lease, setting up a bank account, etc. Once you have been living here a year, you qualify for resident status. In June of your first year, you should file a petition to be reclassified as a resident the following fall. This means a difference in tuition of about $5000 per quarter. The GGG block grant covers non-resident tuition during fall and winter rotations, but your major professor has to cover it after that. TAships do not pay non-resident tuition.

In the fall, winter, and spring, but not the summer, you should always be registered for at least 12 units.

Before every quarter that you are a teaching assistant or a research assistant/graduate student researcher, you will have to fill out an eligibility checklist for the department that is paying you.

Living in Davis

The Sacramento Craigslist is a useful place for finding housing, furniture, and many other things in Davis and the surrounding area. There's an Ikea off of I-80 in West Sacramento, which is very handy for quickly and cheaply (and stylishly?) furnishing an apartment. The Davis Wiki provides a lot of useful information on businesses and life in Davis.

Member Labs

(Please add your lab to this list.)