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Membrane Biophysics

P.I. Manu Forero

Former Professor Chad Leidy

We have developed a strategy of multiple experimental techniques, simulations and theoretical analysis to study the thermodynamics, mechanical and structural aspects of biomembranes. Our purpose is to explore how the physical-chemical properties of biomembranes play a role in the regulation of the physiological processes of the cell. We use fluorescence spectroscopy and FTIR as experimental tools to elucidate physical aspects of membranes, such as packing level, lateral organization and permeability. We complement this with diverse microscopy techniques (fluorescence microscopy and atomic force microscopy) to study structural and mechanical properties of membranes at a microscopic and nanoscopic level. This work is carried in membrane model systems such as liposomes, supported membranes and giant unilamelar vesicles (GUVs). We translate this knowledge to a cellular level with biological models in bacteria and eukaryotic cells.

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