UA Biophysics:SysBio Meeting:2020-II Meetings

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Evolutionary causes and consequences of bacterial antibiotic persistence:

Liquid flow and control without solid walls:

Synergistic effects of repair, resilience and retention of damage determine the conditions for replicative ageing:

Multicopy Chromosomal Integration Using CRISPR-Associated Transposases:

SelProm: A Queryable and Predictive Expression Vector Selection Tool for Escherichia coli:

Stochastic Mechanisms of Cell-Size Regulation in Bacteria:

Intracellular Noise Level Determines Ratio Control Strategy Confined by Speed–Accuracy Trade-off:

Proteolytic Queues at ClpXP Increase Antibiotic Tolerance:

Yeast Intracellular Staining (yICS): Enabling High-Throughput, Quantitative Detection of Intracellular Proteins via Flow Cytometry for Pathway Engineering: