UA Biophysics:SysBio Meeting:2020-II Meetings

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Evolutionary causes and consequences of bacterial antibiotic persistence:

Liquid flow and control without solid walls:

Synergistic effects of repair, resilience and retention of damage determine the conditions for replicative ageing:

Multicopy Chromosomal Integration Using CRISPR-Associated Transposases:

SelProm: A Queryable and Predictive Expression Vector Selection Tool for Escherichia coli:

Stochastic Mechanisms of Cell-Size Regulation in Bacteria:

Intracellular Noise Level Determines Ratio Control Strategy Confined by Speed–Accuracy Trade-off:

Proteolytic Queues at ClpXP Increase Antibiotic Tolerance:

Yeast Intracellular Staining (yICS): Enabling High-Throughput, Quantitative Detection of Intracellular Proteins via Flow Cytometry for Pathway Engineering:

A machine learning Automated Recommendation Tool for synthetic biology

Predictive biology: modelling, understanding and harnessing microbial complexity

Cell size sets the diameter of the budding yeast contractile ring

The evolution of tit-for-tat in bacteria via the type VI secretion system

Evolving cooperation in multichannel games

The effects of contemporaneous peer punishment on cooperation with the future

Evolution of cooperation on temporal networks

Synthetic mammalian signaling circuits for robust cell population control

Gene expression noise can promote the fixation of beneficial mutations in fluctuating environments

Genetic circuit characterization by inferring RNA polymerase movement and ribosome usage

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