UA Biophysics:Protocols: Multilamellar Vesicles

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  1. Considering liposome composition and lipid ratios, mix the appropriate volumes into a glass tube.
  2. Slowly evaporate the bulk of the solvent with a stream of nitrogen gas into the fume hood until a thick viscous lipid drop remains.
  3. Lyophilize for several hours (6 hours min), this sample can store at -20°C.
  4. The dried lipid, prepared as described in "liposome stock", is hydrated using a hydration buffer.
  5. Preheat the buffer at a temperature approximately 5° above the phase transition temperature of the highest melting lipid component.
  6. Add the buffer to de lipid to achieve the desired lipid concentration.
  7. Vortex the sample during one min, let it stand for 5 min. Repeat 5 times to ensure maximal hydratation

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