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Lipid stock

  1. Lipids from the company are stored to -80°C for ensure stability
  2. Prior to weighting, lipids should be brought to room temperature in a container containing a dessicant (bag with silica gel). This step reduce the lipid hydration.
  3. Weigh the lipid in the analytical balance into glass vials.
  4. Add an organic solvent to obtain a stock at 20 mg/ml. Chloroform is used to the most of lipids, but sometimes methanol is need for solubilization of charged lipids. Stock is save at -20°C.
  5. Considering liposome composition and lipid ratios, mix the appropriate volumes into a glass tube.
  6. Slowly evaporate the bulk of the solvent with a stream of nitrogen gas into the fume hood until a thick viscous lipid drop remains.
  7. Lyophilize for several hours (6 hours min), this sample can store at -20°C.

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