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PDMS Preparation and Molding

1. Mix Curing Agent with PDMS 1:10
2. Stir with a plastic fork during 5 min
3. Place the plastic containers inside the degasser for 1 hour (until all bubbles are gone)
4. Pour the mixture over the master and place it inside the degasser for 1 hour (until all bubbles are gone)
5. Place the wafer at 65°C for 33 min

Peel off

1. Take out masters from the oven and peel of PDMS from master
2. Punch holes with 3/4 mm puncher
3. Cut the chips with a new razor blade
4. Sonicate chips in isopropanol for 30-40 min
5. Blow, dry and place in oven for 4 hours

Glass Cleaning

1. Sonicate chips in 1M KOH during 30 min
2. Take out chips from KOH and sonicate in milliQ water for 10 min
3. Take out glass from water, blow, dry and place in oven at 65°C for 10 min

Plasma Bonding

1. Clean chips with magic tape
2. Put glass and chips inside plasma cleaner for 1 min
3. Take out PDMS and place it upside down and place the glass on the PDMS and place a weight of 20 g for 1 min
4. Make bonding for 5 min at 150°C in a hot plate
5. Leave the device overnight so that surfaces recover their original properties

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