UA Biophysics:Protocols:Small Drop Plaque Assay System

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This protocol CAN'T be done at the installations of the biophysics laboratory as it compromises the safety of the biological samples present at it.


A method is described to dertermine the concentration of infectious T4 phage particles in a solution by the direct plaque assay.


1. Heat 3 ml of agar soft media reaching a liquid consistency.
2. Let it cool to approximately 50 °C.
3. Add 100 μl of an overnight culture of E. Coli.
4. Vortex the media.
5. Put the mixture in a petri dish with TSA (Tryptone Soy Agar) and disperse it.
5. Wait for it to dry and add 10 μl drops of T4 phage different dilutions.


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