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M9 plates (20 plates with 20 ml each one)

First step: Mix

  • M9 salts 5x 80ml
  • Agar 6g
  • MilliQ 240 ml

Autoclave and cool to 50C

Second step: Add to the first step

  • 20% glucose 4ml (20 g/100 ml MilliQ, filter)
  • 1M MgSO4 400 ul (12 g/100 ml MilliQ, filter)
  • 0.1M CaCl2 400 ul (1.1 g/100 ml MilliQ, filter)
  • Aspartic Acid (1.5968 g/80 ml MilliQ, filter)

Third step: Mix solutions from first and second step and place on petri dishes

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