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Look who's talking... (future dates are approximate, except those in bold)

WHEN AND WHERE: Every Thuesday 17:00 to 18:30 IP-105

Date Speaker(s) Practiced in the Lab
August 4 Esteban Rivera Maria Isabel Perez
Augsto 11 Juan Diego Arango Maria Isabel Perez
Augsto 18 Nathalie Agudelo Jorge Madrid
Augsto 25 Nancy Ruiz Maria Isabel Perez and Juliana Sandoval
September 01 Luis Gutierrez Sofia Alfonso and Lina Contreras
September 08 Valentina Quintana Carlos Sanchez
September 15 Cesar Nieto Manuela Vanegas
September 29 Cesar Nieto Rudy M. and Juan D. Orjuela
October 06 Rudy M. Nathaly M. Medina
October 13 Juan Diego David Duran
October 20 David Duran David Duran and Sofia Alfonso
October 27 Esteban Rivera Juan D. Estupinas and Jorge Romero
November 03 Luis Gutierrez Juan C. Arias
November 10 Valentina Quiroga Cesar Quintana and Daniel Otalora
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