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Transporter Research Group at UK

University of Kentucky

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Transporter group at University of Kentucky

  • We have a monthly meeting focused on Transporter research (First Thursday of every month, 4-5pm).

Transporter Group Meeting Schedule

Date Presenter Title Location
11/5/09 Nadia Sabeva (Graf Lab) The role of ABCG5 and ABCG8 in cardio metabolic phenotype Rm 222, COP
12/3/09 Vandana Megaraj (Vore Lab) Hepatobiliary disposition of 3α, 6α, 7α, 12α-(OH) 4-5β-cholyl taurine (6α-OH-TC): Role of Mrp2 and P-glycoprotein COP, Dean's conference room
1/7/10 Lipeng Wang(McNamara Lab) The role of ABCG2 in drug accumulation in breast milk: Stereoselective interaction of pantoprazole COP, Dean's conference room
2/4/10 Neil Xue (Mathews lab) Mechanisms and Consequences of Ergot Alkaloids-VGLUT Interactions: A Developing Story COP (old building), Dean's conference room
3/18/10 Eun Ryoung Jang (Lee lab) Roles of OATP1B3 and LMP2 in colon and lung cancer BPC (new pharmacy building), 234B
4/8/10 Elzbieta Stolarczyk (Paumi Lab) Role of CK2 in the regulation of MRP1 BPC (new pharmacy building), 234B
5/6/10 Moscow Lab