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Trac is a project management tracking software hosted on edhar. You can access it at the following address :

You can use that webpage to request various tasks to be done by the Bioinformatics Engineer in the form of "tickets".

You need to be logged in to add tickets to the queue using the following information :

Username: iseem
Password: daffodil

To add tickets, click on the "new ticket" button. Fill in the various fields needed.

  • Note : in the "Assign to" field, write who is posting the ticket. This is to keep track of who is the owner of the ticket instead of setting up usernames and passwords for every single person (for now).

Once a ticket is open (or added to the queue), it will stay in the "active tickets" list until it has been resolved and moved to the "closed" list. You can modify or edit tickets at any time if you wish.

If you have any questions please contact Guillaume Jospin