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Principal Investigator

Current Lab Members

Research Scientist

  • Lin Li, MD

Technical Assistant

  • Katherine Gruner

Graduate students

  • David Quach
  • Michelle de Oliveira Fernandes
  • Marisa Jackson

Previous Lab Members

Research Scientist

  • RS1 WPage, PhD, 1990-1991
  • RS2 NoPage, MD-PhD, 1989-1990

Postdoctoral Researchers

Technical Assistant

  • TA1 Name, BSc, 1980-1999
  • TA2 Name, BSc, 1990-2001

Graduate students

  • Laurie C. Eldredge, PhD
  • Xiaoguang (Michelle) Gao, PhD
  • John H Carter, PhD

Undergraduate students

Visiting Scientists

  • VS1 Name, PhD, 2000-2002
  • VS2 Name, MD, 2001-2002