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This template will automatically format references. Copy and paste the template below...


...and replace each word with whatever you need, if you don't need one just delete the word (but keep the pipe). So this:

{{FormatRef|Elowitz and Leibler|2000|A Synthetic Oscillatory Network of Transcriptional Regulators|Nature 403(6767)|335-8|}}

will show up as this:

Elowitz & Leibler (2000) A Synthetic Oscillatory Network of Transcriptional Regulators - Nature 403(6767) 335-8.

with no publisher because that field was left blank. There might be problems leaving stuff out (punctuation or whatever still appearing) but I can fix them later if they arise.

You may wish to use this with the Reference Template I made which lets you put in-line citations into text that link to any section called "References" on the page.