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This looks like a great effort to instill proactive and communally-useful principles into your entire lab, as well as anyone online who cares to listen! I occasionally write a rant or two on Open Science topics. Jean-Claude Bradley [1] and Cameron Neylon [2] are my favorites.

One big problem for all of us already in the Open Science movement is that we're almost entirely preaching to the choir. More leaders of traditional pillars of science (funding agencies, universities, and journals) need to take note. I feel that the best way to preach to the non-believers is getting pieces (both opinion and research) published in traditional journals using the collaborative Science 2.0 approach.

I just posted a short opinion piece I've been working on, with some offline suggestions from JC Bradley and Cameron Neylon, onto my own Wikispace site [3]- it would be great if they, you, and anyone could take a look, comment/co-author, for eventual submission to a high-profile journal as a commentary...

Thanks, Noam Harel, Yale University

Steve Koch 00:53, 28 January 2009 (EST)Hi Noam -- I did make some comments on your wiki, but I forgot to thank you for your comments on this page. Here's a belated thanks!