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Antonio 15:54, 27 January 2009 (EST): I think we should officially change everything from Koch lab to KochLab for brand name recognition. I always write it like the second way, and I think that way its more of a brand than anything else (even though it is your name). Also we should consider moving Linh's drawing somewhere since the holidays are over. Maybe another news page or something that way stuff like that can be on the main page for periods of time and fall off as they get older. Also I wrote on the main page about our other open ventures. I don't know where we should include them as of now, and figured that was the best place for it. If OWW allows the use of embedding like blogs, then I think we could just embed the videos, posts, etc on a Media page and have it appear on the main page like the News page. These are just spit-balled thoughts though.

Steve Koch 00:49, 28 January 2009 (EST):My only worry is screwing things up by renaming. So, we'd want to check with Bill Flanagan about what might happen. Other than that, I'm down for anything that makes it seem less like "my lab" and more like "our lab." I struggled with this when I first created the page a couple years ago. But I couldn't think of anything else, and since it was pretty customary, I just went with it. We could also consider something like JM does: I think he calls his group "quantum control and measurement" group or something? But then we'd inevitably leave something out unless we just renamed our lab "research lab." Can you get in touch with Bill to see what our options are in regards to automated moves? I think it'd be best to leave these pages around with redirects at least, in case people have bookmarked a protocol.