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From Brian Cook:

Just poked around the iGEM page. I'll try to update with my notes later after I create my account.

But a few notes & cool ideas:

1) Methyl salicylate is the most soluble of all the odorants you've listed. It's only "slightly" soluble in H20 (<1 mg/mL) but I have some in lab and even at that concentration you get a nice wintergreen scent. I can give you some if you'd like to try for yourself!  :)

2) Indole has a MW of 117.15, so getting it over 300 might be a bit of a challenge... but (read on)

3) might be possible to metabolize indole into salicylic acid (thus kill two birds with one stone!). Thus convert the stinky into minty. The pathways are still a bit fuzzy, but we could possibly go through anthranilate as an intermediate. This would require at least 2 more enzyme -- However, I can't seem to find any enzymes for the pathway which have been sequenced yet. But cool idea, yeah? Definitely bears more investigation.

Maybe helpful link: