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  • Tanya Raymond 15:48, 23 January 2013 (EST) What are other roles of BRCA2 in humans?
  • Tanya Raymond 15:48, 23 January 2013 (EST) Are there other proteins that interact with Rad51 and assist with exchange between Rad51 and RPA at ssDNA?
    • Ilya Finkelstein There are a number of proteins that interact with Rad51 and RPA -- in fact, these days RPA is thought to interact with proteins in ALL replication and repair pathways. I am sure BRCA2 is an important, but incomplete part of the Rad51 loading story. For example, look at Wolf-Deitrich Heyer's recent paper on Rad55-57:
  • Logan Myler Both RPA and Rad51 are single-stranded DNA binding proteins homologous to SSB and RecA in E. coli respectively. Without BRCA2, how does E. coli displace SSB(RPA), and why is BRCA2 important for mammalian cells? In general, what is the importance of having both RPA and Rad51 instead of one single-stranded DNA binding protein that can promote homologous recombination?
    • Ilya Finkelstein An excellent question. Unlike Rad51, RecA does not bind dsDNA easily -- in fact it only binds ssDNA under physiological conditions. In addition, both the RecBCD resection enzyme and RecFOR enzymes physically interact with RecA to load it onto ssDNA, reducing the need for a BRCA2-like mechanism.

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