Talk:20.109(F14): Mod 1 Day 5 Examine candidate clones & tissue culture

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Colony Counts

W/F lab

Please put your colony count data in the correct row.

Note: "hypothetical data" just shows made-up numbers similar to what you might expect.

Group Colour pCX-EGFP (#) bkb + ins, no lig (#) bkb + lig, no ins (#) bkb + ins, lig 1 (#) bkb + ins, lig 2 (#)
Hypothetical Data 1000 2 20 100 100
Blue 1600 0 n/a 0 0
Green Lawn 0 4 13 14
Pinkle Lawn 2 2 210 305

Diagnostic Digests

Gel Pattern:

1st Colony: Uncut, RE-1, RE-2, Double Digest

2nd Colony: Uncut, RE-1

1kb Ladder, NEB

2nd Colony: RE-2, Double Digest

pCX-NNX: Uncut, RE-1, RE-2, Double Digest

1kb Ladder, NEB

T/R lab

Here you find your gels from the diagnostic digest. On the side of each gel is written, what RE-1 and RE-2 is for your group (according to your tube labeling).

Red Group: RE-1: B ; RE-2: P
Orange Group: RE-1: BamHI ; RE-2: PstI
Yellow Group: RE-1: B ; RE-2: N
Green Group: RE-1: PvuI ; RE-2: EcoRV
Blue Group: RE-1: BamHI ; RE-2: SalI
Pink Group: RE-1: BamHI ; RE-2: PvuI
Purple Group: RE-1: E_1 ; RE-2: E_2

W/F lab

Green Group, low exposure: RE-1: Bam ; RE-2: Ska
Green Group, high exposure: RE-1: Bam; RE-2: Ska
Blue Group, low exposure: RE-1: EcoRV ; RE-2: PvuI
Blue Group, high exposure: RE-1: EcoRV ; RE-2: PvuI
Purple Group: RE-1: E1 ; RE-2: E2