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a. WEIGH BOATS: Large Hexagonal Antistatic Polystyrene Weigh Boats (4" x 3"), pk/500, $28.01 Sku 2136-25433-104. Source: Medstore.

Note: weightboats from VWR, via Ushop

c. BETA WIPES: Texwipe Betawipes (TX2009), 9"x9", 100/pack, Fisher Scientific catalog #18-331-B. Order > 3 packs. Source: Fisher Scientific via UShop.


e. NITRILE GLOVES: Supreno, sizes S, M, L, XL. Source: Medstore

f. SOLVENTS: acetone, methanol, 2propanol, ethanol. Order in 4L bottles, cleanroom grade. Source: Sigma Aldrich or Medstore.

g. MICROSCOPE SLIDES: 3" x 1", VWR, Cat No: 48323-180. Source: Medstore.

3" x 2", Fisher, Cat No: 12-550C. Source: Fisher Scientific via UShop

3" x 2", Corning, Cat No: 125535B. Source: Fisher Scientific via UShop

h. WATER-PROOF MARKERS/PENS: black. Order ~ 2 boxes. Source: VWR via Medstore, Staples.

i. CLEANROOM SWABS: Fisher Scientific, part number 18-385 (made by Texwipe, CleanTip Alpha Swabs, TX761), ~100 in a package. Order 2 packs. Source: Fisher Scientific via UShop.

j. STOP WATCHES: order 2. Source: Medstore.

k. PARAFILM: 4"x125 ft. Order 1 box. Source: Medstore.