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Carlos Barbas III
Scripps Research Institute, Department of Molecular Biology
Designing Gene Switches and Reprogramming Cells and Organisms: Software and Hardware for Genomes
Frederick Blattner
University of Wisconsin Madison, Department of Genetics
Synthetic Biology: A Reduced Genome Approach
James Collins
Boston University, Center for BioDynamics & Department of Biomedical Engineering
Programmable cells and synthetic gene networks
Michael Elowitz
California Institute of Technology, Departments of Biology & Applied Physics
Noisy Machines: Gene Expression in Single Cells
Matt Francis
UC Berkeley, Chemistry
Synthetically Modified Structural Proteins -- Building Blocks for Nanoscale Materials
Homme Hellinga
Duke University, Department of Biochemistry
The role of computational protein design in synthetic biology
Jay Keasling
University of California Berkeley, Department of Chemical Engineering
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Department of Synthetic Biology
Retooling bacteria for drug production
Tom Knight
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science and Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Biological Simplicity
Wendell Lim
University of California San Francisco, Departments of Cellular & Molecular Pharmacology and Biochemistry & Biophysics
Rewiring Cell Signaling Pathways
John Mulligan
Blue Heron Biotechnology
DNA Synthesis: Genes today, Genomes Tomorrow
Radhika Nagpal
Harvard University, Department of Computer Science
Harvard Medical School, Department of Cell Biology
Amorphous Computing: Pattern Formation in Silicio
Paul Rabinow
University of California Berkeley, Department of Anthropology
Assembling Ethics in an Ecology of Ignorance
Michael Savageau
University of California Davis, Department of Biomedical Engineering
Design, Construction and Refinement of Gene Circuitry
Pim Stemmer
Avidia Research Institute
Design of proteins, pathways and whole genomes using natural evolutionary processes and molecular computation
Ron Weiss
Princeton University, Department of Electrical Engineering
Engineering Digital, Analog, and Transient Behavior in Individual Cells and Cell Communities


Roger Brent
Molecular Sciences Institute
George Church
Harvard Medical School
George Poste
Arizona Biodesign Institute

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