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Patents relevant to the field of Synthetic Biology. Note that this is not a comprehensive list. Please contribute.

  1. Bacteria with reduced genome by Frederick R. Blattner et al. google freepatentsonline
  2. Methods for cell-based combinatorial logic by Gary S. Sayler et al. google
  3. Method for creating a network model of a dynamic system of interdependent variables from system observations by Bennett Simeon Levitan et al. google
  4. Molecular computing elements, gates and flip-flops by Thomas Schneider et al. google
  5. System and method for simulating operation of biochemical systems by Harley H. McAdams et al. google
  6. Storing data encoded DNA in living organisms by Pak C. Wong et al. google
  7. Zinc finger proteins with high affinity new DNA binding specificities by Edward J. Rebar et al. google

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