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Purpose of Meeting

All relevant SynBERC folks are going to discuss ongoing research related to the engineering of devices that are primarily regulated by gene expression. Our specific goal is to make progress towards developing a standard for describing gene expression devices. Such a standard might include methods, protocols, and reagents for device characterization, as well as quantitative models of device operation and composition.

MIT Location

MIT NE48-3008
Tandberg 2500
H.320 and H.323 Compatible
ISDN # 617-258-6600 (Up to 384K)
IP Address

Berkeley Location

Potter Street Room 120

Draft Agenda

  • 2-3p EST, Introductions and review of ongoing work on gene-expression devices
  • 3-4p EST, Discussion of what needs to happen next
  • 4-5p EST, Discussion of who will do what next

Links to Any Presentation Materials

  • Please add any links here
  • The ReBiT Enzyme Database
  • Reshma's update (pdf)
  • Endy:Screening plasmid/v1.0/Update (Jason R. Kelly 12:54, 22 May 2007 (EDT): I'll be missing the first ~1hr of the meeting though, so folks can just glance over this if they have a chance. Here's some of the questions I had for the group:)
    • What are the most common things people end up needing to repair when they build their devices (or do everyone else's just work the first time)? (expression level, mRNA stability, protein function, RNA/DNA secondary structure, etc)
    • Do people frequently use screens now to repair/build their devices? What sort of screens do they use? How can we incorporate more complicated screening and selection for tuning/constructing our devices?
  • Barry Canton - Characterizing a cell cell communication receiver device - Datasheet (.pdf), Registry entry
    • Issues arising
      • What are the useful characteristics that we'd like to know?
      • Are these generalizable?
      • Can we set characterization standards? (e.g. reporter devices, culture conditions, chassis)
  • Will Holtz's slides (pdf) on using feedback in pathway regulation via enzyme-repressor fussions.

Follow up

See SynBERC:Devices/Standards