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This is a draft list of research topics that the SynBERC Device Thrust is considering for support.
Please contribute & edit with impunity.
We need to get the set of topics correct and then organize ourselves (and anybody else who wants) around getting the work done. Join the mailing list!

Working Meetings

  1. 22 May 2007 SynBERC Devices meeting

Conference Calls

  1. 6 December 2006 SynBERC Devices Call

Device Families

  1. Specification of Gene Expression Devices
  2. Specification of Post-Translational Devices
  3. Specification of Biosynthetic Devices
  4. Specification of Sensing, Actuating, and Signaling Devices

Device Models

For each device family...

  1. Signal levels & timing
  2. Second-generation devices
    1. What would be a good historical examples of device architecture progressions?

Testbed Devices

  1. Tumor Destroying Bacterium Devices
  2. Microbial Drug Factory Devices

Device Characterization, Screening & Tuning

  1. Test Constructs for Characterization
  2. Models that Support Data Analysis
  3. Scaleable Screening & Selection Platforms
  4. Chassis supporting device selection & analysis
  5. Standards for device characterization