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Zhang X, Studier FW. Multiple Roles of T7 RNA Polymerase and T7 Lysozyme During Bacteriophage T7 Infection. JMB(340)707

Literal Moments

When moving the lab downstairs
Sri: Let's take the autoclave with us.
Heather: No, they have one down there already.

Music choices
Sri: Let's listen to Live
Heather: OK

Sri: Let's listen to ABBA
Samantha: Yeah!

On Scientists
Sri: In Hawaii, there are really hot men and women who just follow scientists around. They're like rock stars.
Heather: (in a serious tone) Are you serious?


I like the word: lover. It's somewhere between sleazy and pretentious.
-- Barry Canton 14:33, 19 February 2006 (EST)


Lyse Lyse Baby - An awesome remake of Ice, Ice Baby by Michael Seringhaus