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*Wayne G. Shreffler 14:39, 28 May 2010 (EDT):

Agenda Items

Alex's work

  • JAX
    • JAX data getting organized
    • Alex may take a stab at editing R script
    • Alex will try to set up scanner
  • PM
    • Alex will update PM_baso data
    • received PM -- will review what to do with it
    • how is it resuspended for tissue culture -- Wayne will ask EM
  • R03
    • 2/4 experiments good
    • repeat next week with 1X DHR
  • Carbo
    • alex will set up new compensation controls
    • alex will create a FJ analysis template file
    • some recent samples have shown response to carbo as per AM

Bert's work

  • Ben Medoff's PCR gives better results -- dramatically lower Ct values across the board
  • Despite this, CPE response looks weak -- one new lot of StemSpan versus old
  • somewhat stronger in X-vivo (n=1)
    •  ? of whether only CPE response or other pathways are also suppressed
    • perhaps we need fresh CPE?
  • some hope in a poor quality experiment that ALDH inducing activity is fractionating
  • WS will contact Luda about getting a little aliquot

Action Items

  • Wayne will talk to Ben about using qPCR more regularly
  • Bert will compare LPS response
  • run fraction screening experiment on Ben's machine
  • repeat fraction screening experiment with pooled fractions
  • get larger column for bigger run
  • contact Steve about using HPLC

Other Discussion

Things To Do