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*Wayne G. Shreffler 08:02, 19 August 2009 (EDT):

Agenda Items

Projects/ Work Flow

  • CoFAR
    • add assessment of total Syk to CoFAR4
    • Kenny will work with Shashi on CoFAR1 samples
    • Clarify whether CoFAR1 and 4 protocols both include plasma collection
    • round 1 flow analysis is complete, there are additional files that need to be re-analyzed with our newer template
    • project work space will need to be reorganized to distribute projects across additional computers and ensure adequate back up -- suggest splitting ICAC and CoFAR
  • Milk Project
    • Congrats to Lara on first presentation -- grace under pressure
    • Have we adequately addressed issue with acquisition template that led to data loss?
    • Data need to be reorganized after this round of data analysis and should ensure that R script is available.
  • MIA
    • dendromer analysis looks good. will pursue project using this protocol
  • Adjuvant
    • Need comprehensive protocol for the Jurkat transfection experiments including assessment of beta-gal with luciferase.
  • Others
    • Current literature list will be kept on Resources page -- new (old) basophil paper

Recruitment/ Team Update

  • Emily to start September 9
  • Wayne will be meeting with Madhan regularly to begin transition.

Space/ Equipment

  • New FlowJo key for 17-46
    • will need to allow occasional use of that computer by others (e.g. Ramon)
  • Desk/Bench Space
    • When Alex is done, Lara will move into Kathy's old little office with computer


  • Inspection memo sent last night regarding storage of chemicals
  • Neisha's incident
    • let's learn from this!
    • no open-toed shoes
    • keep unfixed human specimens in the hood
  • R course
    • next week library session continuing on lesson 3?

Previous ToDo Items

  • create protocol for total Syk measurement (wayne)
  • icata analysis (team) -- home stretch!

New ToDo Items

  • Check CoFAR protocols for plasma collection and to add the total Syk (and beads)
  • Re-organize data between the three Macs and add more back ups
  • complete RA project transfection protocol