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Basophil Sensitization (8) - 7/30/10

  • Patient was already sensitized to rDerp2, as with (7)
  • Sub-optimal/heterogeneous antibody staining, possibly due to high cell density (clumps were present in almost every wash step, as well as in final volume run in flow)
  • Labeling discrepancy - rows 2-4 (H:P 1:99, 50:50, 99:1) were labelled in reverse order on FACSDiva, but I'm 90% sure that H:P 1:99, 50:50, 99:1 was correct order

  1. Media:BasoSens08_20100730.pdf
  2. Media:BasoSens08_20100730-Table.txt
  3. Media:BasoSens08_20100730-Table.pdf