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Past Events

Biweekly Environmental Roundtables

  Ever wanted to just talk about sustainability with some new people just by showing up? Please join us on Wednesday November
  14th at 1 pm to talk about whatever you are passionate about!

Green Living @MIT

  A pr campaign to try and make people think about sustainability at a time other than Earth Day. We are making posters and             having a variety of events.
                  Shopping Green @MIT!
                      November 26th 6-7pm room TBD
                      We are hoping to bring in a local expert on sustainability to give a brief and informal lecture about where to shop                             around here and also what are the dos and donts of buying. We'll also talk about food!
                      We need people to:
                              Contact people in the area
                              Come up a schedule and information to be put up on our website
                              Order food
                              Apply for funding
              Leading Green @MIT!
                  December 6th 5-8pm (still tentative) room TBD
                      Ever wanted to connect with other sustainability leaders on campus? Or want to know how you can become one?                         We'll be bringing in lots of leaders from both the student and staff community to facilitate.
                  We need people to:
                              Figure out which room to hold the event in
                              Contact facilitators
                              Plan out the events
                              Figure out the food situation
                              Come up with a way for connections to be kept!
                              Apply for funding

Environmental Film Series 2008 - Click for more information

Zero Waste Party

          December 13th in Stata during lunchtime!
                  We are holding this popular event again! Come see how to have a good time while studying for exams and creating                         minimal waste!
          We need people to:
                  Figure out what food to order
                  Contact companies for donations
                  Apply for funding
                  Come up with visual displays