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Past Events

Current Officers:

Kathreen Thome, co-president (kathreen)

Bo Zhao, co-president (bzhao)

Lingfang Ma, secretary (lingfang)

Katherine Potter, secretary (kep)

Christopher Sequeira, pledge liaison (csequeir)

Laura Meredith, WSC-CD contact (predawn)

Current members:

Lynette Cheah

Stephanie Dalquist

Elke Hodson

Isaac Lozada

Lingfang Mao

Laura Meredith

Katherine Potter

Christopher Sequeira

Ari Shapiro

Samantha Sutton

Masahiro Sugiyama

Kathreen Thome

Jialan Wang

Bo Zhao


Christine Ng

Xiaomin Mou

Chaitra Chandrasekhar

Shruti Chandrasekhar

Karim Abdul-Matin

Philip Sheehy

Anke Hildebrandt

Daniel Collins