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EcoExpo: MIT’s Sustainability Exhibition
Wednesday, 25 April 2007 5:00-7:00pm, Stata Center TSMC lobby
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SfGS is pleased to announce EcoExpo: MIT’s Sustainability Exhibition, an opportunity for MIT undergraduate and graduate students to showcase their ideas, efforts and energies surrounding the theme of sustainability to the MIT community. In recent years MIT students have taken on the challenges of global sustainability with enthusiasm and ingenuity with efforts spanning the realms of technology, social responsibility, and business. EcoExpo aims to represent the full scale and scope of this effort by bringing together students and student groups from across campus to showcase initiatives related to energy, sustainability, and the environment. Also in attendance will be MIT administrators and representatives from local organizations who have the experience and resources to take our initiatives to the next level. The time is now for showing the world our deep commitment to advancing the cause of global sustainability.

The program’s goals are

  1. to bring together students working toward sustainability;
  2. to showcase initiatives for the general MIT community and key members of the administration and local community.

If you are working toward sustainability, take this opportunity make your efforts known!

Who should apply:

Students or student groups who have engaged in sustainability-related initiatives or research

Applications is open to both graduate and undergraduate students, and the event is open to the public. Applicants are expected to present a poster, prototype, or interactive display involving a completed or ongoing project. Examples of project types include academic research, community service projects, and campus initiatives.

To become a part of EcoExpo, please submit your proposal by Wednesday, April 11. The first 25 applicants will receive reimbursement for poster construction materials.

EcoExpo: MIT’s Sustainability Exhibition
Wednesday, 25 April 2006
5-7pm Stata Center TSMC lobby
Free and open to the public
Light beverages and refreshments will be served

Selected submissions will receive gift certificates and prizes from local businesses.

Sponsorship and support provided by MIT Graduate Student Council, MIT Public Service Center and Sloan

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