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Current list of entries for EcoExpo 2007

  1. Pedal Powered Athena Workstation: Kendra Johnson, Devon McCorkle, Tina Lai, Piotr Fidkowski, Sara John, Julia Kiberd & Sebastian Figari
  2. Before a Transition to Hydrogen: Christopher Evans, Anup Bandivadekar, Lynette Cheah, Chris Evans, Tiffany Groode, John Heywood, Emmanuel Kasseris, Matt Kromer & Malcolm Weiss
  3. The Pledge of Social and Environmental Responsibility: Christopher Sequeira, Kara Penn, Decker Ringo, Megan Palmer & Kendra Johnson
  4. A novel approach to developing novel materials: Co-optimization of performance & environmental objectives in carbon nanotube manufacture: Desirée L. Plata, Christopher M. Reddy & Philip M. Gschwend
  5. Direct Ocean Carbon Sequestration with CO2 Hydrates: Aaron Chow, Eric Adams & Shannon O'Connell
  6. Footprinting for the Future: A Mauritius Case Study: Christopher Cleaver
  7. Zero Waste Party: Stephanie K. Dalquist & Laura K. Meredith
  8. 5.92: Energy, Environment, and Society: Amanda Graham, Jeff Steinfeld, Jeff Tester, Beth Conlin, Radu Raduta, Hidda Thorsteinsson, Dan Wesolowski & the students of 5.92
  9. Biodiesel@MIT: Amy Ludlum, Matt Albrecht, Chad Augustine, Sara Barnowski, Joshua Dittrich, Katrina Ellison, Curt Fischer, Josh Garvin, Franklin Goldsmith, Craig Hart, Nasly Jimenez, Daniel Klein, Amy Ludlum, Scott Paap, Andrew Peterson, Joe Roy-Mayhew & Matthew Zedler
  10. Inducing Behavioral Change Towards Energy Conservation: Closing the loop
  11. Redesigning Zambana: Green Village Design: Eric Weber, Sergio Araya, Lauren Lynn, Crystal Law, Tad Hirsch, Lizzie Krasner & Kelly Star
  12. Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Power Conversion Cycle for Next Generation Nuclear Reactors: Jonathan Gibbs, Pavel Hejzlar, Michael Driscoll & Nate Carstens
  13. Exploring Conscientious Design in the Developing World: Architectural Considerations for an Environmental Education Center in the Rainforest of Madagascar: Sarah Rundquist
  14. sustainable urban housing prototype assembly: Andrew Scott, Damian Hoi Lung Chan & Wenjun Ge
  15. energymap.mit.edu: A Website of MIT's Energy Usage: Steven Peters, Tarek Rached & Elsa Olivetti
  16. Marquez Kilns as Sustainable Technologies for Reducing Emissions from Small-Scale Ceramic Manufacturing in Northern Baja California, Mexico: Anna Bershteyn, Roberto Arjona, Israel Flores, Carlos Eduardo Santin Dominguez, Guillermo Romero Ibarrola, Sergio Martinez, Luis Francisco Figueroa, Martin Cortizo, Miguel Castro Salgado, Jorge Lopez Cota, Jesús Almodovar, Benjamin Chavez, Ramiro Barrios Gomez, Alba Corral & Robert O. Marquez
  17. Flux Farm 2050 :: Sustaining a Train Station in Torino, Italy: Vasilena Vassilev & Eliot Stulen
  18. Bicycle Ambulances: An appropriate technology for sustainable development: Jessica Vechakul
  19. A Sustainable Transportation Plan for MIT: David Block-Schachter, Michael Kay, Francesca Napolitan & Tegin Teich
  20. The business case for green hospitals: Jessica Harrington, Kaushal Challa & Viara Nedeva
  21. Walk the Talk, Carbon Mitigation Strategy Matrix: Nick Hofmeister, Brandon Monk & Cyd McKenna
  22. MIT Green Fund: MIT Green Fund, Mike Iger & Matt Weiss
  23. Just In Time Carbon Footprint: Manu Gupta, Stephen Intille & Kent Larson
  24. LiftHouse - Sustainable Reconstruction in the Bayou: Zachary Lamb & MIT Architecture and Planning students
  25. Sustainability@Sloan Speaker Series: Kara Penn & Kate Parrot
  26. REVEAL/CONCEAL: Damian Hoi Lung Chan & Edmund Ming-Yip Kwong
  27. Save Something Green & Save Some Green: J.D. Chen
  28. Dorm Electricity Competition: Ariel Esposito

Community Attendees

Administrative Leader Attendees

  1. Peter Cooper - Dept. of Facilities
  2. Steve Lanou - Environmental Sustainability
  3. Laxmi Rao - IS&T
  4. Leon Glicksman - Energy Initiative, Architecture and Mechanical Engineering Professor
  5. Ernie Moniz - Energy Initiative Director, Co-director of LfEE, Department of Physics
  6. Bill Van Schalkwyk - Director EHS
  7. Christina Ruhfel- Institutional Initatives
  8. Mujid Kazimi- Former ERC Member, Nuclear Science and Engineering Professor
  9. Rebecca M. Henderson- Energy Initiative Member, Management Professor
  10. Sossi Aroyan- Environmental Task Force Member
  11. Penny Chisholm- Environmental Task Force Member, Civil and Environmental Engineering Professor
  12. Jeffrey Steinfeld- Environmental Task Force Member, Professor of Chemistry
  13. Claude Canizares-Environmental Task Force Member, VP for Research & Assoc Provost, Prof of Physics
  14. Edward Boyle-Environmental Task Force Member, Earth Atmospheric and Planetary Science Professor
  15. Amanda Graham-LfEE
  16. Beth Conlin-LfEE
  17. Sally Susnowitz - Public Service Center
  18. Daniel Hastings- Dean for Undergraduate Education
  19. Ike Colbert- Dean for Graduate Education
  20. Rafeal Reif-Provost
  21. Ahmed Ghoniem-Mechanical Engineering Professor
  22. Roman Stocker-Civil and Environmental Engineering Professor
  23. Lorna Gibson-Associate Provost
  24. Kerry Emanuel-Earth Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences Professor
  25. Michael Golay-Nuclear Science and Engineering Professor

Student Leader Attendees

Does not include students presenting (which many student leaders are)

  1. Kathreen Thome- SfGS Part of Closing the loop
  2. Ari Shaprio- SfGS
  3. Jialan Wang -SfGS Part of Closing the loop
  4. Daniel Edgerton-MIT Energy Club
  5. James Schwartz-MIT Energy Club
  6. Jonathan Krones-UA Committee on Sustainability

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