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Sangdun Choi Lab

Postdoctoral Researcher


*Hyuk-Kwon Kwon (권혁권), PhD

Email :

Toxicology, TLR signaling and Nanotechnology

Phd Students


*Prasanna Venkatesh

Email :

I am engaged in investigating the possible binding modes of agonists and antagonists of Toll-like receptors via computational approaches.


*Muhammad Ayaz Anwar

Email :

I am interested in how NF-κB is activated and regulated under TRIF (a TLR3 and TLR4 adapter) with the help of Receptor interacting Protein Kinases (RIPs) via in silico approaches..


*Suresh Panneerselvam

Email :

My research interest is to investigate the structural aspects of ATF3 and its interacting partners using molecular modeling approaches..


*Han-Gyul Kim (김한결)

Email :

To investigate the cell dysfunction studies of hypoxia inducible factor-1 alpha (HIF1a).


*Dhanusha Yesudhas

Email :

I am interested to study the structure, function and relationship of stem cells factors involve in reprogramming process.


*Hyeon-Jun Shin (신현준)

Email :

My research interest focuses on investigating the renal dysfunctions associated with the topoisomerase II target drugs such as doxorubicin and etoposide in human epithelial kidney cells using several molecular biology tools.


*Masaud Shah

Email :

I am investigating the immune subversion mechanism of viruses and identifying new antiviral drugs/biologics through in silico techniques.


*Asma Achek

Email :

I am interested in studying TLR signaling pathway's implication in the occurrence of inflammatory and auto-immune diseases.


*Maria Batool

Email :

My research interests are computer-aided drug designing and advance molecular dynamic studies. Currently I am working on a project related to respiratory syndrome caused by MERS-CoV, and our aim is to find some potential drug compounds against MERS virus through computational techniques.


*Mahesh Patra

Email :

Master Students


*Gui Xiangai

Email :


*Song Mee

Email :