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SSC buffer is named after its ingredients Saline (sodium chloride) and Sodium Citrate. It is used as a buffer for blotting, hybridisation, and stringency washes in Northern and Southern blots as well as DNA microarray.

1x SSC buffer

  • 150mM NaCl
  • 15mM sodium citrate

20x SSC

  • 800ml dH2O (RNase free if required)
  • 175.3g NaCl (3M)
  • 88.2g trisodium citrate (NaCit; 300mM; e.g. S4641)
  • adjust the pH to 7.0 with a few drops of 1M HCl
  • adjust the volume to 1L with dH2O
  • sterilize by autoclaving

using stock solutions

  • 3M NaCl
  • 300 mM sodium citrate, pH 7.0

protocols using SSC

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